"Without Risk, There's No Reward"

This is my Current Mindset

Have you ever considered it, completely disengaging from your daily routine in search of something else, something more? I've played it safe for quite awhile. After a decade of settling into a career in higher education, I've now taken the leap to immerse myself into the exciting unknown.

The Desire?

To obtain a UX Designer role focusing on Content Strategy and Usability.

The Dilemma?

With little industry experience outside of academia, it's tough to even get a foot in the door.

The Goal?

To find another Risk Taker like myself who wants to build insightful and beautiful products.

The Plea?

Take a chance on me.

When you get down to it, the most prized qualities of an individual can not be taught, bought, or learned.

Hardworking, Dedicated, Enthusiastic, Loyal, Positive, Genuine, or Detail-Oriented.

Either you have it, or you don't.

I've got it!


Heather Buchanan
Midtown, Atlanta, Georgia
P: (954) 465-3949