Making Moves

Gettin' Sh*t Done!

Don't put off to tomorrow what you can accomplish today!

What I do...

Collaborate as a UX Designer as part of a Cross-Functional Team.

What you want...

Someone who prefers to fail early and often to find better solutions quicker to get products out to market fast.

What I want...

To work with creative, passionate folks on smart, innovative, and delightful experiences in an open, spirited, and diverse environment.

So now what?

Let's talk about how I am going to be a really great decision.

When you get down to it, the most prized qualities of an individual can not be taught or bought.

Hardworking, Dedicated, Enthusiastic, Loyal, Positive, Genuine, or Detail-Oriented.

Either you have it, or you don't.

I've got it!


Heather Buchanan
Atlanta, Georgia
P: (954) 465-3949